December Updates

THANK YOU – and Photos from thermometer for baby
Dear Skaters and Parents,

Thank you for making the 10th Annual Berkley Royal Skate-Fest a fun and fantastic event!

In case you did not pick up a business card with the picture information, Ric Martin of Martin-Images has already uploaded all the photos to his website.  You can place your photo orders directly on-line at
We hope to see you all again next year.  Until then, SKATE GREAT!

Christine Trimpe and Deb Colling

Test Sessions
Three area clubs, Berkley, Birmingham and North Suburban in Royal Oak, rotate test session throughout the season, and offer skaters from all three clubs “in-club” testing fees.

2008-2009 Test Sessions
Click on the date to access the test application
October FSCB 10/22-23/08 (Wed. & Thurs.)
November NSFSC 11/20/08 (Thursday)
December BRBFSC 12/5/08 (Friday)
January NSFSC 1/23/08 (Friday)
February FSCB 2/11-12/08 (Wed. & Thurs.)
March BRBFSC 3/19/08 (Thursday)
April FSCB 4/1-2/08 (Wed. & Thurs.)
May NSFSC 5/28/08 (Thursday)

Our Test Chair, Kate Griswold is always seeking volunteers to help work at Berkley Test Sessions – please contact her at [email protected] if you are able to help!  The approximate hours are 8am-4pm.

New Club Warm-Ups and Sweatshirts!
Look for some of our skaters sporting the new club warm-ups and sweatshirts!!  What a great Christmas gift idea for your skater!  See Deb Colling for more information.

New Blades for the Test Display
The first order of blades for 2008 is in, and going up in the display case this week!  If your skater has recently begun testing, and you would like to add them to the blade case, complete the order form and leave it with the Ice Monitor.   See Trudy Calder for more information.

Virtual Test Display
We’ve taken the Blade Display at the Arena, and placed it online!  If you would like to order blades for the actual display at the arena, please contact ebay hoverboard cost for more information (see information above).

We Prefer CHECKS!
For drop in cards, or dropping in on sessions, BRBFSC prefers checks!  Checks are more secure, and make it easier for us to reconcile payments.  If you have no other form of payment, we will take cash, accompanied by a gentle reminder that we prefer checks!

Cookbooks are still available!
With over 200 recipes, the cookbook “Lutz Get Cooking with the Berkley Royal Blades” makes a great gift!  Get your copies now for $10 each!  You can pick up cookbooks from Lisa Anderson, Sandy Engman, Charlene Haines or Kate Griswold at the rink – between the four of them, there should be cookbooks available at the rink every night we skate.  We ask that you please pay for the cookbooks as you take them to assist our recordkeeping!

Competition Results
Check the competition page for the latest results from our club skaters!  Great Job everyone!

Happy Birthday!
December/January Birthdays:
Christianna Akers
Lisa Anderson
Kristin Calder
Trudy Calder
Rachel Czapp
Carly Fuelling
Annalise Griswold
Larisa Joeright
Sandra Lyons
Anne MacMichael
Holly Shifman
Meghan Steingold
Janice Steingold

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